The River of Life

Welcome to the River of Life!

In 1972, when I was fourteen years old, The River of Life appeared in a dream.

For the past forty-six years, that dream has evolved and now has a significant role in my daily Life. The River of Life is one of the Foundation Stones of my Spiritual Path.

Like many folks, I have always had a deep attraction to Rivers.

You see, there is something powerful and mysterious about a River.

Rivers hold their own stories.


Some are gentle in both pace and attitude and some, are frightening, forceful, and intimidating.

Some Rivers whisper and some roar.

Rivers can drift or rush, yet unperturbed, they always move at their own pace.

Rivers captivate the imagination; they ignite our Inspiration and therefore, stir the Soul.

Rivers are about Life, and they contain Life…

Some rivers are home to fish and frogs, tadpoles and eggs, while others—stagnate and brackish—provide homes for mosquitoes and other vectors that we deem “undesirable.”

And with great sadness, some rivers are tarnished by the toxins and the waste of the two-legged.

Some Rivers trickle. Some are slow and lazy. Some rivers are treacherous, with long histories and reputations, for claiming lives.

Some rivers may appear rather dead, however, that “death” is an illusion.

In some lands, Rivers dry up in the heat of summer.
In some lands, Rivers may freeze in the cold months, forming icy sheets that may restrict the flow of water. In these frozen states, you may be able to walk upon the transformed water.

Some Rivers are crystal clear while others are muddy, murky or dark with unseen bottoms.

Some Rivers may have layers of silt or sand at the bottom; others are comprised of stone or slime. And some provide refuge for old, rusted tin cans.

Therefore, every River has a distinctive personality.

And if you spend enough time with a River, you may notice that it too will change, sometimes in spectacular ways. These changes will occur during the advance of the seasons or many times during a day.

Then again, a River may remain consistent in both appearance and attitude for long periods of time.

Rivers are alive and they represent Life. They carry within them, the nectar of Life: Water.

The River of Life is also a living, dynamic metaphor—a metaphor for our lives.

The River of Life is a mirror to the Life outside of us. However, and more importantly, the River of Life reflects the Life Energy that flows within us in the present moment.

Yet, it goes far deeper than this…for in your River (and it is very much your, River), we can see, feel, experience and interact with the Three Sacred Aspects that I call “The Trinity of the Self” or the holistic balance of Mind, Body, and Spirit.

Within these pages, you are about to embark into something very Powerful and Sacred.

Welcome to the River of Life.

It is your River and your Life!

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(C) Paul Hinsberger 2019 The River of Life, Chapter 1

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