Privacy and Ethics

I wish for you to know that I adhere to the strictest sense of Ethics and maintain your confidentiality under all circumstances.


I will never sell or trade your personal information.

I will never speak of you or of our time together.

I will never identify you by name if consulting with anyone without your specific approval.

Note: Under no circumstances do I speak or do work for another person other than yourself. Permission of 3rd parties is required for all work that I may do.

In the case of assisting someone in transition, I need initial permission by the person who has legal authority to do so. After this permission if provided, I will then seek permission from the client’s Soul through Shamanic Process. Only then will I continue.

Please know this: I am a conduit for Spirit. I am only the messenger. I am not the Healer…that comes from a Source far greater than me.



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