Invitation to the Conscious Man starting Dec 12, 2020

Invitation to the Conscious Man – Dec 12,13,19,20 4 pm to 7 pm

Are you a man who feels disconnected from your sense of Self many times and cannot understand why?

Are you into a relationship where you frequently hear, “You are not present”?

Whenever you are in a conflict or under attack, is your first impulse to shut down, escape from the situation, or hide?

Does day to day living harden you? Are disconnected from your feelings and your heart?

Do you feel guilty when you are soft or mushy or become emotional?

Have you learned you have to be tough to “be a man”? And when you are soft, are you considered weak?

Do you struggle to understand yourself?

Do you worship the Goddess and yet are alienated from her and her essence in day-to-day living?

Is your Mind the driving force that fuels you? Is your worth found in degrees, certificates, money, your car, and in promotions?

Do you slog through 15-hour workdays and yet feel pulled for a deeper cause of life and living?

Do you feel connected and deeply pulled to nature, earth, community living?

Are you full of creativity but cannot harness this energy for your health, abundance, and well being?

Does life feel like a hopeless struggle at times?

You love the people in your life, and yet wish you had a better relationship with them?

Do you feel isolated and misunderstood most of the time?

Do you feel that resting and restfulness is available to a few?

If you answered yes to some, or most, of the questions, chances are you have fragmented, disassociated, or disconnected from a critical aspect of your life: your Shakti or your feminine principle.

If you are a man on a quest, one of inner seeking and spiritual journey, who seeks a balanced life; if you seek alignment and harmony (within and outside), I invite you to these 4 days. Come.

“Invitation to the conscious Man”- understanding, owning, healing, integrating his inner Shakti/Goddess Self, his feminine Self.

And yes, men have a feminine side too. However, because of years of conditioning and programming, the collective man has separated, not just from Mother Earth, also from his heart and BEING. He caters to what the “collective programming” has asked him to deliver, rather than what he feels is true and best for him.

So come, unlearn, re-learn, rebirth. I invite you to BE in a Sacred Space to explore with love and openness.

December 12,13,19,20 4 pm to 7 pm IST

Recordings available if you cannot attend LIVE.

Here are some words from Neelam:


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