Ho’oponopono Water

About Ho’oponopono Water

This is the way to make and some ways to use Ho’oponopono Water

Blue Glass bottle with stopper
Potable Water

** Fill the Blue Glass bottle with drinking water.
** Bless and Sanctify the Water. Do this in your own words.
** Recite the Ho’oponopono Mantra at least 3 times to the bottle as you hold it in your hands. Hold the bottle to your heart as you recite the mantra. Do so with your eyes closed and imagine the people who will use the water are in a circle around you as you consecrate the water.
** Place the water filled bottle in sunlight for at least 15 minutes.
** You may leave it out all day if desired…
** When ready, the water can be used for…
** Ice cubes
** In cooking
** Bathing
** Placed in a spray bottle and used as a mist for plants
** Placed in a spray bottle and used as a mist for room clearing. You may add an essential oil to this as well. I would recommend lavender.
My experience is that this water is sweet and softer than regular water.

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