About BEing

In my writings and words, I say BEing.

This is not a typo.

Here is an excerpt From the River of Life:


About BEing Open and Curious

In this book, you will also see the word BE(ing) quite often. What this means is:

⸟ BEing is being Love

⸟ BEing is being Compassionate

⸟ BEing is being Open to Unlimited Possibilities

⸟ BEing is being Open-Minded

⸟ BEing is being Open to Change

⸟ BEing is being Aware

⸟ BEing is Operating with Integrity

⸟ BEing is Being

It is also important that you BE Open and Curious as you step into the Path of the River as you begin to experience your River of Life.

BE Open Minded. Therefore, do not “Think.”

Instead, BE Open to that which comes your way.

Allow yourself to Experience, Accept, and Believe.

BE Curious. Bring forth your sense of Wonderment!

Allow the Child within you to come out and play.

Allow yourself to step into a New Life. Enter into a New World unfettered by Social Conditioning and the mindset of “Adult Reasons or Reasoning.”

Let go of living as a mentally constipated, and cerebrally constricted adult!

Instead, apply the hard-earned Wisdom that came to you over the precious years of your Earth-walk.


ROL Willow

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