About our Gathering, Sunday, December 13, 2020: “Counting down Time”

Greetings Dear Ones!

The Theme of our the Gathering was: “Counting down Time.”

During our Gathering, Paul had two internet crashes and therefore, the recordings were damaged. Therefore there is no recording this week.

Paul spoke about folks counting down time for future events and how we have a tendency to “bank” on the future events as if they are milestones or destinations that can easily distract us from the present moment, especially in regards to healing.

He gave an example of a gardener who digs up new seedlings every day to see how the roots are doing. Counter-productive to say the least!

We also had a “Burning Bowl” Ceremony at our River of Life, followed by an full body immersion.


About the Burning Bowl Ceremony
This is a beautiful ceremony that can be done at anytime. However, it is certainly appropriate on News Years.

What to do:
This is best when you can take sometime to go inward. Allow yourself to feel and allow yourself to dig in deep.

On paper, handwrite (By writing by hand, the energy in the heart is transferred to the paper. Treat this as a Sacred experience rather than a flippant moment in time) all that which you wish to release.

You may use bullet points, or you may write it all out in paragraph form. Write as much as you want. Let your tears stain the ink and the paper.

Tears are good!

Pour your heart out onto the page.

And do not hold on to any attachments over the brilliance of your words, because you are going to burn the paper! And don’t let that fact hold you back, either!

After you complete your writing, you will then create another list or soliloquy of all the things you want to bring into your Life.

Remember, the Universe does not like a Void. And the first part will create a Big Void!

After you have put together your papers, you will then light a fire.

Use your Fire Wisdom here…burn in a container and watch it carefully. Manage your fire with Sacred Respect.

First, you put in your “All I wish to release.”

Acknowledge the rising Smoke. Send prayers of Gratitude for all that you learned from that which you are releasing (You did learn something didn’t you?. Ponder on this before burning so it is more than blank words going up in smoke!)

Observe the fire, observe the smoke. BE Open and Curious to messages found in the Fire and Smoke.

Don’t analyze anything. Simply BE with it.

When everything is burnt, place your hands on your heart and feel the release. Breathe it in.

Then light another fire.

Now burn the list of that which you wish to bring into your Life.

Offer Prayers in the Smoke as they are carried upward to the Creator.

This is a time of receptivity. Manage your thoughts carefully here. Make your Intention strong. Hold no doubts. Hold no resistance. Remain and BE, Open and curious.

For our Shamanic Practitioners, do this Ceremony with your Guides and Power Animals.

For our Ancestral Students, invite your Ancestors.

For our Phoenix Risers, invite your Inner Children to the Ceremony.

Remember that this Ceremony is about You. Make yourself the primary point of focus.

However, you may invite your family and your loved ones to also participate in this.

Neelam and I do this every New Years morning.

Blessings to all that has been released and for all that which is invited this upcoming year!



Join us next week (Sunday, December 20) at 9:30 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. Theme for this Gathering is: “Santa comes to town

(Please note that this is 10 p.m. IST)

You may register here: https://wp.me/Pb3VB1-6T


Have questions, comments or want to suggest a topic? Need help on something going on in your life? Feel free to reach out to me. (Don’t register from here…this is for correspondence only).

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