About out Gathering, November 29, 2020: Smile

Greetings Dear Ones!

The Theme of our the Gathering was: “Smile.”

During our Gathering, Paul spoke on the Gift of a Smile, especially during the time of the Covid Mask.

We also watched a video of the song, “Smile” that was written by Charlie Chapman.

We smiled a lot, laughed, and then went on a River of Life visit where we looked at the smiling face in the River and also saw the reflection of our Soul’s face.

This is a very loving Gathering that will certainly bring forth the Gift of your Smile.

The file is also available for download here: https://app.box.com/s/leozth1d6uzefwew72dm992hxah6e88b



Join us next Sunday (December 6, 2020) for our next Gathering at 9:30 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. Theme for this Gathering is: “Your Loving Cup.”

(Please note that this is 10 p.m. IST)

You may register here: https://wp.me/Pb3VB1-6T

Have questions, comments or want to suggest a topic? Need help on something going on in your life? Feel free to reach out to me. (Don’t register from here…this is for correspondence only).



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