About our Gathering, November 15, 2020: Silence

Greetings Dear Ones!

The Theme of this Gathering was: “Silence”

During our Gathering, Paul read a writing of his from the Shamanic Vision newsletter from March, 2016. The theme of that particular issue was “The Sound of Silence.”

He also read the Quote of the Month, which came from one the Standing Deer Stories.

During our Gathering, we spoke about Silence and Pain, Silence in Trauma, and how when we enter into Silence, it affords us a chance to “Fall in Love” with ourselves, including with our Souls.

Paul then led us on a Guided Meditation into our River of Life, where we listened in the depth of our Silence, allowing ourselves to feel, sense, hear and/or see the messages found within our depths, those depths that are far too often obscured by…noise.

After closing Sacred Space, it was noted that I (Paul) had failed to hit the record button!

We had a good laugh about this, as it was highly appropriate as it related to the theme of today’s Gathering.

However, here is what was read during the opening moments of the Gathering:


The Sound of Silence

Sound is measured in decibels or dB. Here is some interesting facts:

  • Weakest sound heard 0 dB
  • Normal conversation at 3-5 ft: 60-70 dB
  • Normal piano practice: 60-70 dB
  • Dial tone of telephone: 80 dB
  • City traffic inside car: 85 dB
  • Regular sustained exposure may cause permanent damage at 90-95 dB
  • Train whistle at 500 ft.: 90 dB
  • Average Personal stereo on 5/10 setting: 94 dB
  • Subway train at 200 ft.: 95 dB
  • Power lawn mower: 107 dB
  • Power saw: 110 dB
  • Pain begins at 125 dB
  • Amplified rock music at 4-6 ft.: 120 dB
  • Symphonic music peak: 120-137 dB
  • Pneumatic riveter at 4 ft.: 125 dB
  • Jet engine at 100 ft.: 140 dB
  • Rock music peak: 150 dB
  • Loudest sound that can occur: 194 dB

This lends itself to some Food for Thought…

  • How quiet can you go?
  • When was the last time you sat in silence?
  • How loud are you?
  • How much do you add to the local noise pollution?
  • What is the sound level like in your home when you awake? How loud are you when you gather with your friends? How loud are you when you sit on a plane? How loud are you when you are learning something?
  • ow loud are you when you sleep? How loud are you when you sneeze? Cough?
  • How loud are you when you use the bathroom?
  • How loud is it when you walk by?
  • How loud are you when you breathe?
  • How loud are you when you chew?
  • How loud are you when you think?
  • How loud are you when you play your television or your stereo?
  • Do you ever consider how loud you are?

Come Dear Ones and walk in Respectful Sound with us…

Quote of the Month:

Grandfather looked over at a young girl he had never seen before. He had heard of a young woman who had come to the reservation a week earlier with only a suitcase and her daughter. “And you my dear, which story would you like to hear?”

The young girl lowered her head, her voice a whisper.

“My ears have grown faint over the years my child, from the noise of thunder and rain and of snow. Please, speak up so we can all hear the music of your voice.”

The Legend of Standing Deer: Story One by Great Great Grandfather and Paul Hinsberger


Join us next Sunday, November 22 at 9:30 a.m. MST for another LIVE Zoom call (I promise to record this one!)

Our Theme is: “Honoring the Old Ones.”

You may register from this page: https://wp.me/Pb3VB1-6T


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