About our Gathering October 25, 2020

Greetings Dear Ones!

The Theme of our the Gathering was: “When I have the Time…”

Inspired by a comment from one of last week attendees, Paul spoke the Gift of Time, of Time as a non-renewable resource and Nature as the most Sacred of Timekeepers.

Paul also read a story of his from Shamanic Vision magazine and then we went on a free flowing, River of Life Guided Meditation with special attention on a single, falling leaf.

The recording of the Gathering is found here:

Download link: https://app.box.com/s/ekiinxi4oxf8hzmt166404mnksxws3c1


Dedication to your Practice

I sat with Great Great Grandfather…we ate our blackberries at the river’s edge. He handed me the bowl and I asked; “Great Great Grandfather, what would you tell those who think they do not have time to dedicate to their practice?”

The sun sparkled on the river beside us. We sat in silence for a moment. He looked at me; “See the importance of who you are…learn to make yourself a priority.

I nodded as he continued; “We live our life with choices…do I want to go here or go there? Is it time to plant seeds? Is it time to harvest?

“We do what we must to survive…yet, are your footsteps sacred? Are they steps filled with honor and respect?”

He took a blackberry from the offered bowl; “Sometimes, people will say, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow…yet tomorrow never comes; it is like running into the Wind to see from where it was born…”

Then, Great Great Grandfather laughed, “Have you seen a child run around just for the pure joy of running? That’s the power and energy ones practice can give you.”

A gentle pause, he voice softened; “Your practice is your private relationship with Spirit…and to life…and to yourself. It is a personal commitment to open the door…to experience the Oneness that is within you and the Spirit that moves through everything.

“Consider your daily practice as a gift that you have given yourself. Doing so, you can unify body, mind, and spirit…you bring things into balance…you heal..and your footsteps change…as you now walk in Beauty…it is so!”

I handed him the bowl and closed my eyes and nodded, a soft nod, full of Love and understanding.

The Wind rose, speaking her gentle message to us through the aspens: “Namaji…*”

*Namaji is a Ute word and pledge, like that…to walk a path of “Dignity, Honor, Respect and Pride”.


Join us next week (Sunday, November 1st) at 9:30 a.m. MST. Theme: “Acting on Inspiration”

(Time change in USA this Sunday! It will be 10:00 p.m. in India)

Register here: https://wp.me/Pb3VB1-6T


Have questions, comments or want to suggest a topic? Need help on something going on in your life? Feel free to reach out to me. (Don’t register from here…this is for correspondence only).

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