June 28, 2020…Theme: “The Open Canvas”

Theme: “The Open Canvas”

Recording of Gathering #8: The Open Canvas

Recording link: (Downloadable)

During the Gathering…
We Gathered to the topic of “The Open Canvas.”

Flowing with this concept, words from the Soul flowed, painting a canvas of limitless space and time.

Here is the beauty of Wonderment and going wide, high and far.

How to work with the Medicine of the Gathering and keep it alive during this week:

** Treat each day as an artist facing a blank canvas or a writer with a blank paper with an unlimited amount of paint and words and allow this precious gift to flow from your heart. Let it out!

** Look up into the night sky and touch a star…

**Answer these questions from two different perspectives: That of the self-controlling Ego and also from the Soul.

Q1) You have a blank canvas before you. How does that make you feel?

Q2) How big is your canvas?

Q3) What would you like create?

As mentioned in the Gathering, here is the Journey of Self & Spirit, a tool that was created about 20 years ago. It was originally intended for development of characters in novels and screenplays. It allows you to have a conversation with characters or for characters to converse in order to find their voices and for character development.

A few small tweaks, and now you can use it to converse with the Spirit of (X). Here, (X) means…anything!

Instructions are found on the first sheet (it is in Open Office, similar to MS Excel).


Journey of Self and Spirit 2020

Have a beautiful week, Dear One!

Join us for: Next Week’s Gathering

Theme: “Beans”

You are invited to reach out to me…


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