Church of the Wheel Gathering #7: June 21, 2020

Theme: With a Song in my Heart

Recording link (downloadable)

About the Gathering

All I had was a title and question: “What song lurks in your heart, waiting to be set free?”

All kinds of interesting things came up!

We spoke of the Song of the Soul, Power Songs, The Gift of Song, letting go of perfection, the role and influence of music, bridging generational gap, finding common ground in music, healing with sound, returning to memory of our development through the music of our youth, sharing music across generations, expressing the Soul through lyrics and melody, and how to eradicate ear worms!

Welcome to the Church of the Wheel!

Working with the Medicine of this Gathering

** Listen to music through the “Ears of the Heart.”

** Listen to a variety of new music

** Allow your Soul to Sing. What does it have to say?

** For those on the Shamanic Path, request a Power Song for a specific Intention and apply it.

** Spend time at your River of Life and focus on the sound of your River. Discover the melody that flows through the currents of your River.

** Cook and sing at the same time. How does the food taste?


Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon

Jungle Boogie




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