Church of the Wheel Gathering #6: June 14, 2020

Theme: Where are you?

Recording link: (Downloadable)

Recording of Gathering #6: Where are you?

About the Gathering…

We Gathered to the question: “Where are you now?”

This went well beyond the physical geography or location.

Instead, we considered were are you in Life? Where are you in your Souls’ Journey? What would you like to happen? Where and what and who would you like to BE?

During the Gathering…

Again, a topic and nothing written…words flowed, unheeded and inspired by the River of Life.

We undertook a Guided Meditation that brought us all a Gift.

How to work with the Medicine of the Gathering and keep it alive

During the week:

** Journal. Write from the Heart, not the Head. I came across a wonderful site the other day for personal journal:

This would be a great place to get started.

** Watch just enough news to be informed, not overwhelmed.

** Stand for what you believe in. Don’t run away. Dare to BE yourself. Your truest self.

** Find your Gift at the River of Life. Then spend time daily working with it. This is an effortless gift, so put in some effort.

Have a beautiful week, Dear One!

Join us for: Next Week’s Gathering

Theme: Listen to the Music of your Heart

You are invited to reach to you me…

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