Church of the Wheel Gathering #5: June 7, 2020

Church of the Wheel Gathering #5: June 7, 2020

Theme: Honoring Fathers

Recording link: (Downloadable)

Recording of Gathering #5: Honoring our Fathers

We had an interactive Gathering with messages for both men in the audience and also for women, especially for those who have the great responsibility to be both Mother and Father.

During our Gathering, many issues regarding forgiveness arose. Therefore, here is a copy of the Huna and Ho’oponopono Way of BEing e-book. Please feel free to share this (both recording and e-book) with those who you feel would benefit from this conversation.


Working the Medicine of this Gathering

There were two important questions asked in this Gathering:

1) What is the greatest lesson you received from your father?

2) What is the greatest lesson you gave to your father?

Sit with these over this week. There’s much more to the questions, and more importantly, in your answers than what meets the eye.

During the week:

Write a letter to your father, regardless if he is alive, no more, or has gone missing from your life.

If the father of your child(ren) is not an active person in their lives, have the children create a card or a drawing, a poem…anything creative that comes from their heart and hands, rather than their (or your) pocket book.

Even a little song, sung into your phone and forwarded can mean a lot. Don;t forget that dad’s too can feel abandoned.

If you have children, tell them a story about your father. Make it a Good One. Remember, you are setting the example on how your kids will relate to father figures.

Revisit the River of Life and sit where you went on Sunday. You do not need to call your father back. Instead, just BE with yourself and allow yourself to find the stillness at your River. Feel free to do a forgiveness ritual there if appropriate.

Read the following from Wisdom Block #95 What would you like to tell your loved ones

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