A Way of BEing

Remember that Shamanism is a Way of BEing. It is a Way of Life.

All it takes is Awareness.

Say you are at your office. Someone comes to you with a question. You answer the question and they thank you. This is Shamanic.

You drive home and someone wants to get in front of you. You make eye contact, and wave them into your space. This is Shamanic.

You go home and prepare dinner for your family. You Bless the Food with your Love. This is Shamanic.

You lay your head to sleep. You thank your Guides and Power Animals for the day you shared with them. This is Shamanic.

You dream. This is Shamanic.

You wake in the morning and take a breath. You Bless the Day that awaits. This is Shamanic.

You have a bowel movement. This is Shamanic. This is Life.

You offer water to a visitor. This is Shamanic.

One day, you will die. This too is Shamanic.

What matters is how many of these moments in Life did you Honor with your Awareness.

This is Living the Shamanic Life in a Good Way.


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