Welcome to the Church of the Wheel…Welcome Home, Dear One!


A Community based on the Ways of the Sacred Medicine Wheel

About Us

I welcome you to the Church of the Wheel.

This is not your ordinary Church. Here, there is no Dogma. There is no “Preaching”.

Instead, you shall find a Pathway, a Road…A Road that belongs to You. It is yours and only yours. It is the Path of your Soul.

Here you will find a place that opens the doorway to your journey into your own Divinity.


I Bless you for the road upon which you walk.

May it take you deep into your Divinity…deeper into your Inner Circles so that you radiate your BEing outward and share your Loving Gifts with the World, as we are all connected.

I welcome you to write…I am here for you

Church of the Wheel–Paul Hinsberger/Founder


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